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All classes are held at the St Lucia campus of The University of Queensland. Room details are listed on the IML web page one week prior to course starting date.

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Classrooms for all classes
Level & Time Building Room Tutor
BEGINNERS SHORT COURSE (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pmTBA  cancelled 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pmW-332 Ms Sarah El Aklouk 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pmW-349 Ms Allisar Bou Orm 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Thur 7-9pm222 Mr Alaa Al-Haider 
SURVIVAL (Full Fee) Fri 10am-12pm37 108 Mr Alaa Al-Haider 
Brazilian Portuguese 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm32 309 Ms Eliane Costa 
LEVEL 2A (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm31A 102 Ms Lucy Bordin 
Chinese (Cantonese) 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Thur 7-8.30pm39A 209 Ms Flora Leung 
Chinese (Mandarin) 
BEGINNERS SHORT COURSE (Full Fee) Tue 6.30-8.30pm37 108 Ms Anjelica Lin 
HIGH SCHOOL - ENRICHMENT (Full Fee) Mon - Thu, 9am - 12.30pm, Fri 9am-3.00pm37 108 Ms Clara Liu 
LANGUAGE TASTER (Full Fee) Tue 6.30-8.00pm37 108 Ms Anjelica Lin 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 7-9pm39A 202 Ms Anjelica Lin 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm37 113 Ms Helen Liu 
LEVEL 1 FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pmTBA TBA Ms Anjelica Lin 
LEVEL 1A (Full Fee) Thur 10am-12pm  CANCELLED 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm14 115 Ms Grace Yue Qi 
LEVEL 3 (Full Fee) Tue 6-8pm32 310 Ms Xiuwen Zhang 
LEVEL 4 (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pmE-219 Ms Xin Wang 
LEVEL 5 (Full Fee) Thur 7-9pmW-349 Ms Xin Wang 
LEVEL 6A (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm  CANCELLED 
LEVEL 7A (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm39A 203 Ms Xin Wang 
SURVIVAL (Full Fee) Tue 6.30-8.30pm37 108 Ms Clara Liu 
LEVEL 1A (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pm216 Dr Vanessa Clark 
LEVEL 1A (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm24 S603 Ms Pia Blak 
LEVEL 2A (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm24 S603 Ms Pia Blak 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pm39A 203 Ms Felicitas Paape 
LEVEL 2A (Full Fee) Tue 6-8pmW-426 Ms Felicitas Paape 
Farsi (Persian) 
LEVEL 1A (Full Fee) Thu 6-7.30pm35 102 Dr Yahya Majd 
HIGH SCHOOL - ENRICHMENT (Full Fee) Mon - Thur 9am - 12.30pm, Fri 9am - 3.00pm32 313 Ms Ingrid Barnett 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon & Thu 6-8pm37 114 Ms Darya Gunn 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 7-9pm32 211 Ms Loli Padilla 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm32 208 Ms Darya Gunn 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 6-8pm37 113 TBA 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pmE112 Ms Mailys Mardon 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pm14 216 Dr Jenny Barnett 
LEVEL 2A (Full Fee) Wed 10am-12pm  cancelled 
LEVEL 3 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm32 214 Ms Monique Coombes 
LEVEL 3 (Full Fee) Tue 6-8pmW-431 Ms Manuela Von Heydebrand 
LEVEL 4A (Full Fee) Thu 10am-12pm37 108 Ms Manuela Von Heydebrand 
LEVEL 4A+B (Full Fee) Wed 6-8pm31A 103 Ms Manuela Von Heydebrand 
LEVEL 5 (Full Fee) Mon 10am-12pm37 108 Ms Loli Padilla 
LEVEL 5 (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pmE-112 Ms Mailys Mardon 
LEVEL 5+ CONVERSATION (Full Fee) Wed 10.00-11.30am37 108 Ms Loli Padilla 
LEVEL 6A (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm32 208 Ms Sylvia Cunningham 
BEGINNERS SHORT COURSE (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm78 621 Ms Sarah Fischer 
HIGH SCHOOL ENRICHMENT (Full Fee) Mon - Thur 9am - 12.30pm, Fri 9am - 3.00pm37 114 Mr Richard Hamernik 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 7-9pmE-301 Mr Richard Hamernik 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pmW-426 Ms Katherine Munro 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Wed 6-8pm24 S328 Ms Kerstin Liebchen-Meades 
LEVEL 3 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pmW-431 Ms Sarah Fischer 
LEVEL 5 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm32 211 Ms Manuela Vogel 
LEVEL 6A (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pm  cancelled 
LEVEL 8 (Full Fee) Thu 7-9pm218 Ms Manuela Vogel 
Greek (Modern) 
LEVEL 1A (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm222 Ms Bobbie Stewart 
LEVEL 2A&3A (Full Fee) Tue 6-7.30pm  CANCELLED 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Thu 6-8pmn/a n/a cancelled 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm32 310 Mr Jim Athanasiadis 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm  CANCELLED 
Irish (Gaelic) 
SURVIVAL (Full Fee) Tue 6.30-8.30pm37 113 Mr Stephen Carlon 
BEGINNERS SHORT COURSE (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm14 217 Ms Gloria Semiani 
LANGUAGE TASTER (Early bird fee until 20 February) Wed 6.30-8.00pm14 217 Ms Gloria Semiani 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pmD-114 Ms Zdravka Gurovic 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Thu 7-9pm220 Ms Barbara Maccarone 
LEVEL 1A (Full Fee) Tue 10am-12pm  CANCELLED 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pmE-212 Ms Gloria Semiani 
LEVEL 3 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm24 S506 Ms Barbara Maccarone 
LEVEL 5+ CONVERSATION (Full Fee) Mon 10.30am - 12pm37 114 Ms Gloria Semiani 
LEVEL 7 CONVERSATION (Full Fee) Wed 7-8.30pmW-458 Ms Rosella Dermedgoglou 
BEGINNERS SHORT COURSE (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm78 344 Ms Debra Shimada 
HIGH SCHOOL ENRICHMENT (Class 1) Mon - Thu, 9am - 12.30pm, Fri 9am-3.00pm32 309 Ms Hiroko Kikkawa 
HIGH SCHOOL ENRICHMENT (Class 2) Mon - Thu, 9am - 12.30pm, Fri 9am-3.00pm32 310 Ms Madoka Nakai 
LANGUAGE TASTER (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.00pm78 344 Ms Maiko Kunieda 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 6-8pmE-212 Mr Yuji Sato 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 6.30-8.30pmE-219 Dr Amanda Toyoura 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Thu 6.30-8.30pmW-426 Ms Akiko Hansen 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Tue 6.30-8.30pm37 114 Mr Yuji Sato 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pm32 212 Ms Mariko Earle 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 7-9pmE-112 Ms Madoka Nakai 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pmE-301 Dr Rieko Fukushima-Byron 
LEVEL 2A (Full Fee) Thur 10am-12pm  CANCELLED 
LEVEL 3 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm39A 203 Ms Hiroko Kikkawa 
LEVEL 3 (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm37 114 Dr Amanda Toyoura 
LEVEL 4 (Full Fee) Thu 7-9pmW-458 Ms Hiroko Kikkawa 
LEVEL 4 (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm24 S302 Ms Akiko Hansen 
LEVEL 5 (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm37 108 Mr Yuji Sato 
SURVIVAL (Full Fee) Fri 10am-12pm  cancelled 
SURVIVAL (Full Fee) Tue 6.30-8.30pm37 114 Ms Debra Shimada 
BEGINNERS SHORT COURSE (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm78 224 Ms Ju Yeon Sohn 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 7-9pm39A 201 Ms So Yeon Kim 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pmE-301 Mr Ted Kim 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pmW-458 Mr Ted Kim 
LEVEL 3 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm201 Ms So Yeon Kim 
LEVEL 4A (Full Fee) Thu 7-9pm  CANCELLED 
SURVIVAL (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm39A 201 Ms Ju Yeon Sohn 
LEVEL 1A (Full Fee) Thur 6-8pmW-332 Ms Rebecca Haskmann 
LEVEL 1A (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm24 S303 Ms Danxia Yang 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Thu 6-8pmn/a n/a cancelled 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm  CANCELLED 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Tue 6.30-8.30pm24 S328 Ms Natalia Kononova 
LEVEL 3A (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pm218 Ms Anya Smirnova 
SURVIVAL (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm37 108 Ms Anya Smirnova 
BEGINNERS SHORT COURSE (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm78 346 Ms Maria Avila 
LANGUAGE TASTER (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.00pm78 346 Ms Maria Avila 
LEVEL 1A (Full Fee) Wed 10am-12pm37 114 Ms Marta Padin 
LEVEL 1A+B (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 6-8pm37 108 Ms Yanirza Rodriguez 
LEVEL 1A+B (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 7-9pm601 Ms Katya Garza 
LEVEL 1A+B (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm803 Ms Anna Gonzalez 
LEVEL 1A+B (Full Fee) Thu 6-8pmW-431 Ms Maria Cesar 
LEVEL 1A+B (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm836 Dr Gabriel Scarmana 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Mon & Thur 7-9pm740 Ms Marta Padin 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pmD-114 Ms Maria Avila 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pmW-322 Ms Katya Garza 
LEVEL 3 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm836 Ms Maria Cesar 
LEVEL 5A (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pm39A 209 Ms Anna Gonzalez 
LEVEL 6A (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pmn/a n/a cancelled 
LEVEL 8A (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pm  CANCELLED 
SURVIVAL (Full Fee) Fri 10am-12pm37 114 Ms Marta Padin 
SURVIVAL (Full Fee) Wed 6.30-8.30pm37 114 Ms Anna Gonzalez 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Wed 7-9pmE-107 Ms Anna Christie 
LEVEL 2 (Full Fee) Thu 7-9pmn/a n/a cancelled 
LEVEL 3A (Full Fee) Thur 5.30-7pm216 Ms Anna Christie 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Mon 7-9pm14 216 Ms Penny Sophonthammakij 
LEVEL 2A (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pm220 Ms Penny Sophonthammakij 
LEVEL 1 (Full Fee) Tue 7-9pmE-219 Mr John Chuong 
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