WEP International Student Exchange Program

WEP International Student Exchange Program

World Education Program Australia (WEP) is an Australian not for profit organisation specialising in high school student exchange. They are looking for caring families to host students arriving from countries such as Belgium (French and Dutch speaking), France, USA, Italy, Finland, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Enrich your family life by becoming a volunteer host family for high school exchange students.

BE INSPIRED! See why the Bacic family loves to host with WEP!

YouTube:Video here


You choose the student to host: In the WEP process, the host family selects the student they wish to host from viewing student profiles.

What does a host family provide? Host families are volunteers who provide 3 meals/day and a safe caring home environment. The exchange students pay for all their school costs, transport, medical costs and personal spending including when on outings with their host family. Students understand that their host family has generously volunteered to host. To show appreciation to their host family, students are expected to assist with chores, positively interact and share their culture with the host family. The student is to adapt to the host family life and there is no expectation for the host family to significantly change their lifestyle to accommodate the student. The aim of this cultural and educational exchange is to enhance intercultural understanding and tolerance between nations.

WEP Student Exchange

More info:http://wep.org.au/


Brochure: here

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The UQ Japanese Taiko Drumming Team

The UQ Japanese Taiko Drumming Team

UQ Taiko Drumming Team

UQ Taiko is Brisbane's newest and only not-for-profit performance taiko drumming team. Based at UQ, it was established in March of 2014. Their goal is to add cultural and musical diversity to the UQ community, as well as to the greater Brisbane community, through performing and giving workshops on the traditional Japanese art and music of taiko drumming.

Taiko drumming is a traditional form of Japanese art and music that is characterised by powerful beats, dynamic movements, and overflowing energy!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uqtaiko

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UQ Russian Society

The UQ Russian Society

UQ Russian Society

The UQ Russian Society aim to foster and encourage an interest in Russian culture and language, provide members with activities with a Russian focus and expand members' understanding of Russian culture through social activities! For students who are enrolled in Russian language at UQ they organise study groups to provide a supportive atmosphere for any help you may require.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uqrussiansociety

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UQ German Club

The UQ German Club

UQ German Club

'The UQ German Club aims to promote a welcoming academic environment through which students of German studies are able to enhance their language skills, cultural awareness and appreciation, and historical knowledge.

We are open to all students with an interest in German culture and provide a variety of social and educational activities.
These include formal study sessions, film nights, language discussion groups, trivia nights, and trips to the German Club and Bavarian Bier Cafe.' - UQ German Club

More information: http://www.uqu.com.au/clubs/german-club-36

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uqgermanclub/

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Korean International Students Society (K.I.S.S)

The Korean International Students Society (K.I.S.S)

Korean International Students Society (K.I.S.S)

'The main objective is to create a vibrant and culturally inviting environment among UQ students.
The club is not restricted only for Koreans in the UQ community, but also for those from many other cultural backgrounds are welcomed.

As the number of foreign students have been increasing every year, K.I.S.S. is now more focusing on the promotion of the understanding and appreciation of Korean cultures to all members.
A number of social and educational events are planned for this year, such as a welcoming orientation party, Korean conversation classes, game competitions, movie nights, K-POP dance classes and etc.

We are connected to over 50 sponsors in Brisbane, to promote their businesses as well as providing university students with a range of benefits.' - Korean International Students Society

More information: http://www.uqu.com.au/clubs/korean-international-students-society-kiss-41

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uqkisspage

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'We are based around three pillars. People-to-People, Education and Careers.'- ACYA

AYCA offer weekly language and cultural exchange events, social dining, lectures and more.

More information: http://www.uqu.com.au/clubs/17/australia-china-youth-association-acya

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acya.uq

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Latin American Student Association (LASA)

The Latin American Student Association (LASA)

UQ German Club

'Spanish, Portuguese, Conversation meetings, movies, salsa, dancing, friendship.
LASA is about long lasting friendships, fiestas, making connections, learning new things about our big Latin America and sharing with others our culture.

- Support and represent Latin American students;
- Help current and incoming students to adapt to the Australian environment;
- Provide a medium for connecting students and opportunities;
- Organise great Latin themed social and cultural events;
- Share and spread Latin culture amongst the UQ community and beyond.' - LASA

More information: http://www.uqu.com.au/clubs/69/latin-american-student-association-lasa

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uqlasa

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The Norwegian Club of Queensland

The Norwegian Club of Queensland

The Norwegian Club of Queensland

'We are an approximately 100-strong member based organisation situated in Queensland, Australia.
With use of the Danish Club Hall “Heimdal”, we meet for monthly committee meetings and co-ordinate events and activities for the club, as well as getting involved in the wider community.

Events range from:
Cruises, Luncheons, Craft groups, Kids Playgroups,Language classes, Multicultural festivals, Tradition events including – Christmas in July, Constitution Day (17Mai), Club Birthday, Christmas Celebration, and more!
We cater for everyone – nationals / x-pats / friends / associations / interested parties.' - The Norwegian Club of Queensland

More information: http://ncq.asn.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Norwegian-Club-of-Queensland-Inc/120614237948715?fref=ts

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Polish Association of QLD Inc.

Polish Association of QLD Inc.

Polish Association of QLD Inc

More information: http://www.polonia.org.au/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polishclubmilton/timeline

See also: the Museum of the Polish Community in QLD: http://museum.polonia.org.au/

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'UQISA offer opportunities for Indonesian and non-Indonesian students to socialise and engage in Indonesian society, to know more and promote Indonesian cultures, and also to build an Indonesian community and other organisations in UQ and Brisbane.' - UQISA

More information: http://www.uqu.com.au/clubs/126/indonesian-student-association-uqisa

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/51914104765/?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uqisa

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'UQ Persian Society is a volunteer student organization whose objective is to sponsor Persian social and cultural activities and events, to promote an understanding of Persian culture, to help foster friendship among different cultural groups, and to provide a source of union and support for the Persian community at University of Queensland.' - UQPS

More information: http://www.uqu.com.au/clubs/59/persian-society-uqps

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uqpersian/

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Turkic Union

'The club is all about celebrating common culture, languages and history.
Aiming to bond all Turkic nations, including Azerbaijani, Uyghur, Turkish, Kazakhs, Tatars, Kyrgyzs, Turkmen, Uzbeks, Yakuts, Chuvashes, Bashkirs, Qashqai, Gagauzs, Crimean Karaites, Krymchaks, Karakalpaks, Karachays and Nogais; the club also welcomes non-Turkic members who are interested in our culture.
Delicious food, warm environment and happy smiles as well as little bit of learning about the unique culture of Turkic people are guaranteed.
If you would like to be a part of this priceless experience, come and join us!' - Turkic Union

More information: http://www.uqu.com.au/clubs/113/turkic-union

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/UQ-Turkic-Union/718333054954983

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Swedes Down Under

'Swedes Down Under is a Brisbane-based social club for Swedes and people who are interested in learning about Swedish Culture.
They organise events throughout the year, as well as hosting regular social gatherings and activities.
They also provide a great source of information on everything Swedish.

Poster for Swedes Down Under

More information: Swedes Down Under

Facebook: Swedes Down Under on Facebook

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Scandinavian Singers choir practice and Swedish Book Club

Scandinavian Singers meet every second Wednesday at 6:30pm(not in July).
Songs are sung in Swedish and Norwegian.

'Swedish Book club meets every second month at 7:00pm on a Tuesday to exchange books and have a fika. Bring cakes and books (not in July).

Poster for Scandinavian Singers

More information: Swedish Church

Facebook: Swedish Church Brisbane on Facebook

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The Danish Association Heimdal - Brisbane

Events, activites and information for people interested in Danish culture.

Poster for The Danish Association Heimdal

More information: The Danish Association Heimdal

Facebook: The Danish Club Newstead on Facebook

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'This year, we promise to bring about lots of new and interesting events and activities with the aim of promoting Vietnamese culture, arts and youth connection to people of other nationalities.
For the international students, we provide travel information with full details of desired destination, including accommodations and attractions in Vietnam.' - UQVSA

More information: http://www.uqu.com.au/clubs/78/vietnamese-student-association-uqvsa

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uqvsa

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Japanese home stay - Utsunomiya City

Keen to speak Japanese all day?
Would you like an authentic experience of life in Japan?
Home-stay in Japan is available to IML students with a retired couple living in Utsunomiya.
The couple have previously lived in Sydney, and have hosted more than 20 people from Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, America and Sri Lanka in their home in Japan.
This homestay is organised by our Japanese language tutor Mariko Earle.

Poster for Japanese Homestay

For more information, contact us at IML and we will send you a flyer: Contact IML

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Are you interested in practising your conversational language skills with native speakers? Are you intending to travel and want to learn the basics or improve on your basic language skills to get around?       

The Language Exchange program devised by Mates@UQ at Student Services matches local students/staff with international students for the purpose of language exchange. 

For further information please go to:
Or contact: International Student Adviser, Student Services UQ | 3365 6474, Email: mates@uq.edu.au

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The Benefits of Membership with the Australia Japan Society are numerous.

In addition, you can also show your support for the people of Japan affected by the 2011 catastrophic events via their facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/AJSQld
Membership Benefits include:
Monthly Newsletter; Member Rates for all lectures, social functions and activities aimed at encouraging greater mutual understanding between Australia and Japan; Japanese Language meetings;  Networking with Japanese guest speakers and dignitaries at regular lunch and dinner meetings; Meet local Japanese residents through regular social functions, such as barbeques, picnic outings and golf days; Immersion in Japanese-language functions such as  Japanese film nights; Cultural activities including flower arrangements, tea ceremony, and Japanese cuisine.

For more info, visit: http://www.austjpnsoc.asn.au/ 

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Planning a trip to Russia? Keen to talk about Russian culture? Interested in chatting in Russian? Or just got questions about Russia in general...?

Natalia, our Russian teacher, can be available to chat for half an hour each week before her class at IML.
If this interests you, please email us at imlpr@uq.edu.au for more details.

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Deutsche Welle (DW) - German News Service

German and International news service

Poster for DW

More information: DW

Facebook: DW on Facebook

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Uppsala International Summer Session - Learn Swedish in Sweden

Would you like to study Swedish in Sweden?
Uppsala International Summer Session offers summer courses in the Swedish language and also a range of cultural courses.
Courses run during July and August (Northern hemisphere summer).

Poster for Uppsala Summer Session

More information: Uppsala International Summer Session

Facebook: Uppsala International Summer Session on Facebook

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Crea-Langues - Learn French in France

Language courses for adults.
Crea-Langues offer intensive courses in a unique setting: a renovated monastery in the heart of the Parc régional du Verdon; 6 kms from Moustiers-Ste-Marie.
Classes are run in small groups, with a personalised approach and focus on communication.
Optional private tuition is available.

Poster for Crea-Langues

More information: Crea-Langues

Facebook: Crea-Langues on Facebook

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Noor Majan Training Institute - Learn Arabic in Oman

Language courses for Omanis, Oman residents and language learners from abroad.
A range of levels are offered, using Arabic exclusively as the language of instruction.
For students from abroad, accommodation is available with Omani hosts, lunches on class days as well as excursions in Oman.
Intensive ASL courses consist of Modern Standard Arabic classes in the morning and tutoring time as well as group sessions with Omani language partners in the afternoons. Students can deepen their knowledge, practice their skills and be in contact with Oman's spoken variety of Arabic.

Poster for Noor Majan TI

More information: Noor Majan Training Institute Website

Facebook: Noor Majan Training Institute on Facebook

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Lessane Arabi Center - Study Arabic in Morocco

Teaching Arabic as a foreign language to students from around the world.
Specializing in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA), Lessane Arabi Center’s intensive immersion courses give students the opportunity to learn the Arabic language rapidly and with excellent retention.

Poster for Lessane Arabi Center

More information: Lessane Arabi Center Website

Facebook: Lessane Arabi Center on Facebook

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Campus Magnolie - Learn Italian in Italy

Based in the city of Castelraimondo, this school has been organizing study holidays for over 20 years.

Poster for Campus Magnolie

More information: Campus Magnolie Website

Facebook: Campus Magnolie on Facebook

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ActiLingua - Learn German & Experience Vienna

3 schools:
  • German course for Adults 16+yrs
  • Holiday Course 16-19yrs
  • Summer School 12-17yrs
- German Teachers course for non-native speakers of German.
- Scholarships and price reductions may be available to IML students.
- Accommodation is organised for you.

Poster for ActiLingua

More information: ActiLingua Website

Facebook: ActiLingua on Facebook

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Scuola Dante Alighieri - study Italian in Italy

This school is located in the old town centre of the Medieval city of Camerino.
- Study holidays.
- 4 week courses.
- Accommodation is included.
- Courses for teachers also available. www.scuoladantealighieri.org


More information: SCUOLA DANTE ALIGHIERI Website

Facebook: SCUOLA DANTE ALIGHIERI on Facebook

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Read an interview with Tre Lingue participants here.

Chat in Italian, Spanish and or French with other enthusiasts. Learners who speak one or all languages are welcome.
No cost, no admin, no registration.
This popular meeting began in Brisbane in 2005.
Tre Lingue now includes meetings in Ferrara
When: Every third Saturday in the month, 4.30 - 6.00pm, The Coffee Club Boundary St West End
Contact: Alex (Brisbane) 3lingue@tpg.com.au to be on a meeting reminder list
Luca (Ferrara)
Facebook : Tre Lingue Ferrara Conversazione
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University of Queensland Italian Association (UQIA)


Practice your Italian in conversation with other students. Participate in a futsal tournament. Cooking classes.
The first Italian association at UQ founded by Italian students.
Membership is $5.
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