The Institute of Modern Languages is Queensland’s leading language services provider offering language courses for all in over 30 languages using a communicative approach to teaching and learning.  All four skill areas are covered: learn to speak, listen, read and write for applications in authentic situations where a collaborative team effort is encouraged in class.  Cultural segments are integrated with the language acquisition program focusing on general background studies pertaining to the countries and peoples where the targeted language is in use.

Language courses for everyone

We believe education is a life long journey. Everyone can join our global voyage. Whether you want to travel the world, learn to speak a language, follow new interests or maintain your language skills, IML gives you that opportunity in over 80 courses in 30 languages in a practical and supportive learning environment for adults.

Everyone 16 years and over is welcome. There are no entry requirements.

Other services include:

  • Summer Semester
  • Summer Program for High School Students
  • Winter Program for High School Students
  • Customised tuition for individuals, companies and government departments
  • Language proficiency testing
  • Cross-cultural briefings
  • Translation and interpreting services