Associate Professor Bodman has a background in economics teaching and research, specialising in general and international macroeconomics, applied econometrics and labour economics.

He is the authority over the rules associated with admissions, granting credit, overseas study approval, special and supplementary examinations, exclusions, appeals and graduations. He also acts as the faculty's Integrity Officer. On a faculty-wide basis, he oversees the provision of student counseling, academic advising and student pastoral care and the associated staff training for these activities.

Researcher biography

As the Faculty’s Associate Dean (Academic), Associate Professor Bodman has a broad-ranging role which includes the development and administration of policy for the faculty's academic programs, management of the faculty’s teaching and learning program, student management and representing the faculty on a range of University Committees.

The Associate Dean (Academic) enhances the BEL student experience by building a student-centred culture among academic staff that highlights the benefits of studying at UQ. He also develops innovative strategies to improve teaching practices.