Employees in both public and private sector organisations are today being urged to do more with less. Consequently work team supervisors are under pressure to demand more effort from subordinates. But when does this cross the line to become abusive supervision? In this project, we propose to develop and test a framework intended to explain, from an employee¿s perspective, how supervisors can motivate their subordinates to perform and at the same time avoid being seen as abusive. The project includes three studies whose results should have both theoretical and practical implications, and in particular should help supervisors to understand their subordinates' behaviours, leading to improved employee wellbeing and organisational productivity.

Project members

Primary UQ test case people to prove multiple people and a description can show.

Professor Sarah Derrington

​Head of School & Academic Dean of Law
TC Beirne School of Law

Dr Diana Barnes

Postdoctoral Fellow in English Literature
School of Communication and Arts

Associate Professor Mark Andrejevic

Honorary Reader
School of Communication and Arts