IML Optional Assessment

Courses available for assessment

IML offers optional assessment for all students enrolled in full Level courses (A+B) in order to attain acknowledgement of their language skills and abilities. There is no assessment for other types of courses, such as Survival, Short, 'Level A' or Conversation. Examinations will only be administered at the dates and times set for the courses. Examinations are held in a separate session after the last class, on the same weekday and time as usual classes. IML optional assessment is included in the course fee. 

Exam registration

As IML course assessment is optional, only the requested number of exam papers will be available on the exam night. Students who wish to be assessed need to register for the exam session set for their course. If you register and are no longer able to sit the exam, IML kindly requests that you notify our Office to avoid unnecessary correspondance.

Assessment criteria

Assessment is based on criteria and standards as set out in the IML Criteria and Standards sheet. Listening and Speaking skills are assessed throughout the course, while Reading and Writing skills are assessed in a one-hour paper during an examination session. 


A Statement of Proficiency is issued following successful completion of the assessment. Statements are distributed within one month from the exam date. For students who have completed a language course and cannot, or do not wish to, participate in formal assessment, a Statement of Attendance is available upon request for students who have attended at least 75% of the classes.

IML does not offer official accreditation of second language skills. If you are interested in having your second language skills accredited, please see Language Proficiency Testing page.

Summer 2020: Exam registration

For IML Summer 2020 courses, exam registrations will be open between Monday 10 February and Friday 21 February. Exams will be held on Thursday 5 March. There are no other exam sessions available.