At IML, the choice of level is based on self-assessment. There is no placement test. 


Students with no previous experience in face-to-face language study can choose from the courses listed below, depending on their availability and learning objectives. All of the following courses are suitable for beginners:

Type of course* No of hours Focus Further study
Survival 10hr Conversation Level 1
Short Course 16hr Conversation Level 1
Level 1 42hr Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Level 2

* course availability varies, depending on the language

Beginners interested in learning grammar and script should consider a Level 1 course. Level 1 includes more in-depth study of a language and prepares students for Level 2.

For a detailed list of all topics covered in each course, please see course outlines available as PDF documents on our website (please select your language and then click on offered Levels to see relevant links).

Student with previous knowledge

There is no placement test. To select the most appropriate course, we strongly encourage students to compare course outlines available as PDF documents on our website (please select your language and then click on offered Levels to see relevant links). We also recommend to view the textbook and the chapters covered in the course at IML Library (Building 37, Level 1). Other factors to consider include whether the student currently interacts with the language, for example, through friends or family. For more information on selected languages please see below.

During the first three weeks of the course, we will accommodate all transfer requests provided the Level is available and there is a vacancy in the class selected. Transfers can only be arranged within the current teaching year. Please contact IML Office for details.