IML language courses are for everyone. We believe education is a life-long journey. Whether you want to travel the world, follow new interests or maintain your language skills, IML gives you that opportunity in over 30 languages in a vibrant and supportive learning environment for adults.

How to enrol

The fastest and most convenient way is to enrol online.

Enrol and pay online

Enrol by the due date to take advantage of the early bird fee and secure your place in popular classes.

Course fees

See IML course fees here.

Course types

Learners can start out with a short course or jump straight into a Level course as an entry point. The short courses flow logically into the Level courses.

  • Survival courses

12 hours (6 weekly sessions). Script is not taught.

  • Short  courses

16 hours (8 weekly sessions). Script is not taught.

  • Level courses

Year courses (A+B)

46 hours (23 weekly sessions over 2 semesters: 12 sessions in Semester 1, 11 sessions in Semester 2, followed by an optional examination)

Accelerated courses (A+B)

46 hours (23 sessions, twice a week, in a single semester, followed by an optional examination)

Semester 1 and 2 Only courses (A+B)

45 hours (18 longer weekly sessions held in Semester 2 only, followed by an optional examination)

Intensive courses (A+B)

46 hours (14 longer sessions, twice a week, held in the Summer Semester only, followed by an optional examination)

A courses

24 hours (12 weekly sessions in Semester 1)

B courses

22 hours (11 weekly sessions in Semester 2, followed by an optional examination). They are a continuation of A courses, suitable for those with some previous knowledge of the language. The combination of A and B courses is the equivalent of a Year course.

IML also offers the following purpose-specific courses:

  • Conversation courses

The focus of these semester-based courses is on maintaining and extending conversational fluency. These are offered for a limited number of languages at Level 5 or higher. 

  • High School Enrichment courses

These are the only non-adult IML classes. 5 days in a single week in January or mid-year. For students undertaking the Senior phase of Secondary schooling (QCE and IB, Year 11 and 12).

Conditions of enrolment

  • Classes fill quickly in order of payment receipt
  • Courses run subject to sufficient enrolments being received
  • Anyone 16 years and over may enrol
  • No qualifications or special knowledge required unless specified
  • IML does not provide textbooks (except otherwise stated) and is therefore not liable for the availibility of textbooks or any material required or recommended for a course.

Withdrawal, refund and transfer policy

Course withdrawal

Course withdrawal with refund is possible only before the course commences. The request for withdrawal with refund must be in writing. There is an administrative fee of $30 per each course.

Withdrawal from an IML Language Pathway program will result in loss of discount at time of refund for remaining courses.

Refund policy

Please choose carefully. Under Australian Consumer Law, after the course has commenced we do not provide a refund if you have a change in circumstances or make a wrong selection. If IML cancels a course then a full refund will be offered. Fees are not transferable to another student or to the next year.

Transfer policy

During the first three weeks of the course we will accommodate all transfer requests provided the level is available and there is a vacancy in the class selected. If you enrol in a level which is too easy or too challenging, ask the IML office about moving to a more suitable level. Transfers can only be arranged within the current teaching year.

Enrolment and class confirmation

Once sufficient enrolments have been received for your course, IML will confirm your course is proceeding and will forward your classroom details via email. This usually happens one week before courses are scheduled to commence.

Please note the following if you completed your enrolment online

New students will receive the three emails below upon successful registration and course enrolment online. Previous students will receive emails 2 and 3 only.

1. Student number 

2. Digital receipt

3. Course enrolment confirmation

If you have not received these notifications, your enrolment is incomplete. Please log into your IML Student account to finalise your enrolment or contact IML.