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Greek Film Society, Brisbane

1 January 2018 9:00am31 December 2021 9:00am
" We are an independent incorporated film society that aims to provide members with a stimulating program of films from old and new Greek Cinema including documentaries in a variety of genres, as well as films that relate to Greek Diasporic life and contact with other cinemas." - Greek Film Society Brisbane

My Big Gay Italian Wedding (Italian)

6 June 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
When baby-faced Antonio (Cristiano Caccamo) pops the question to his burly boyfriend Paolo (Salvatore Esposito) in their Berlin apartment just before Easter, things take an awkward turn… it becomes apparent that Antonio hasn’t come out to his parents. While they aren’t sure about their families’ reactions, the pair decides to head home to Italy to break the news and plan their big day.

Never Look Away (German | Russian)

20 June 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
A sweeping romantic historical drama, NEVER LOOK AWAY follows thirty years in the life of a great artist - loosely based on Gerhard Richter, one of the 20th century's most admired visual artists. The film goes from a childhood witnessing Nazi Germany, to post-war East Berlin, where he falls in love with a young woman whose father is an ex-Nazi murderer in hiding, to escape to the West at the time of the Berlin Wall, and ultimately being part of the exciting new movement in contemporary art.

Claire Darling (French)

20 June 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
In Verderonne, a small village in the Oise, it's the first day of summer and Claire Darling wakes up convinced to live her last day - She then decides to empty her house and brade everything without distinction, Tiffany lamps to the collection clock. The objects so loved to echo her tragic and flamboyant life. This last madness brings back Mary, her daughter, whom she has not seen for 20 years.

Kabir Singh (Hindi)

21 June 2019 9:00am25 July 2019 9:00am
A brilliant yet impulsive young surgeon falls into a path of self-destruction after the love of his life is forced to marry another man.

Grave of the Fireflies (Japanese with English subtitles)

27 June 2019 9:00am21 September 2019 11:45pm
A young boy and his little sister struggle to survive in Japan during World War II.

Parasite (Korean)

27 June 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
Parasite is an upcoming South Korean thriller/drama/black comedy film directed by Bong Joon-ho (Snowpiercer, Okja). The film stars Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik and Park So-dam.

The film revolves around Ki-taek and his unemployed family as they take a peculiar interest in the wealthy Park family, which leads them to get entangled in an unexpected incident.

Sunshine Family (Tagalog | Korean)

4 July 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
“Sunshine Family” is a comedy-drama that tells the story of Don and Sonya Mapalad, and their children Shine and Max. A partly-dysfunctional family living in Korea for the past five years, the family’s plans of going back home to the Philippines get challenged after Don is involved in a hit-and-run accident. It’s long been said that in times of trouble, it is to your family that you run back to. In this country of strangers, can the Mapalads learn to rely on each other and overcome this one final hurdle as a family?

An Unexpected Love (Spanish)

4 July 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
When Ana and Marco arrive at the airport to farewell their son Luciano, who is leaving his Argentine homeland to study abroad, they are filled with certainty that they’ve done well as parents. However his departure leaves a significant role in their everyday lives, and after more than twenty years of marriage, both reluctantly come to admit that their feelings for each other have shifted. So as if it were one last project together, Ana and Marco decide to ‘consciously uncouple’, and begin to explore the surprising and sometimes wonderful world of the newly-single, to hilarious and unexpected results…

DSP Dev (Punjabi)

5 July 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
The son of an honest police officer, Dev Shergill has always coveted the job for the power it commanded. His father`s death while on duty eventually earns Dev the uniform he sought, and his utter disregard for ethics makes him a favorite with corrupt politicians.
However, a series of incidents and a startling revelation regarding his father`s death will force Dev to reconsider his principles and embark on a path of redemption.

Raatchasi (Tamil)

5 July 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
Geetha Rani is newly appointed headmistress of a Government school. This story tells us how she reforms the school, students and teachers, also how she safeguards the school and the students from external issues.

Oh! Baby (Telugu)

5 July 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
After finding herself transported to the body of a 20-year-old girl, a seventy-year-old woman embarks on a quest for happiness, while relishing in the rediscovered exuberance of youth.

The White Storm 2 扫毒2 (Cantonese)

12 July 2019 9:00am25 July 2019 9:00am
There is an iron rule in the Ching Hing Gang: No drug dealing. The gang leader, Yu Nam, has two right-hand men: one is Tin, a bright and sober adherent of principles and loyalty; the other is Dizang, a cold-blooded smart man who secretly runs a drug business without Nam’s knowledge.
Ordered by the top leader, Tin taught Dizang a lesson by cutting off one of his fingers and expelled him from the gang. On the same night, policeman Fung (by Michael Miu)’s wife was killed in Dizang’s nightclub during an operation. Meanwhile, Tin swore to change sides after his beloved girlfriend walked out of his life.
15 years later, Dizang becomes the biggest drug dealer in Hong Kong; while Tin has now established himself as a financial tycoon and a philanthropist, and is offering a $100 million bounty to eliminate the No.1 drug dealer in Hong Kong. It causes a stir in both the society and the underworld. Inevitably, a battle between the two tycoons is underway!

Munda Hi Chahida (Punjabi)

12 July 2019 9:00am18 July 2019 9:00am
Munda Hi Chahida revolves around a man called Dharminder who lives together with his father and grandmother, his three sisters and two daughters. He is desperately hoping for his next child to be a son. He feels suffocated surrounded by the women in his house and everywhere around him. In a desperate attempt to make his wish come true, he becomes superstitious and consults a local Sadhu who tells him to act as a pregnant father. This film is about Dharminder's journey of growing out of his selfishness and rigidity.

Super 30 (Hindi)

12 July 2019 9:30am25 July 2019 9:00am
Based on the life of Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar who runs the famed Super 30 program for IIT aspirants in Patna.

Whisper of the Heart (Japanese)

18 July 2019 9:00am21 July 2019 11:15pm
Shizuku Tsukishima is a bit of a book-worm, spending her last summer vacation in junior high school reading and translating popular foreign music into Japanese. With aspirations to one day become a writer, Shizuku can’t help but notice that the name Seiji Amasawa appears on every one of the books she borrows from the library.
Through a series of curious and magical incidents, she comes to meet Seiji and discovers he has dreams of becoming a famous violin maker in Italy. While their life-long goals pull them in two different directions, Shizuku and Seiji are determined to remain true to their strong feelings for one another.

Sink or Swim (French)

18 July 2019 9:00am1 August 2019 9:00am
A group of 40-something guys, all on the verge of a mid-life crisis, decide to form their local pool's first every synchronized swimming team - for men. Braving the skepticism and ridicule of those around them, and trained by a fallen champion trying to pull herself together, the group set out on an unlikely adventure, and on the way will rediscover a little self-esteem and a lot about themselves and each other.

Scandinavian Film Festival

18 July 2019 9:30am7 August 2019 11:30pm
The 2019 Scandinavian Film Festival will celebrate new films from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark. Now in its sixth year, the festival will showcase a strong line-up including contemporary dramas, comedies, and crime thrillers. Exploring the culture, history, and life in the Nordic region, a host of Australian premieres will bring high caliber and award-winning Scandinavian cinema to Palace Cinemas in July.

Thanks to our friends at Palace Cinemas we have 20 x Double Passes and 20 x 2-FOR-1 Passes to the Volvo Scandinavian Film Festival (18th July - 7th August) to give away!

Simply email us at by Wednesday 18th July and say in 25 words or less which film you wish to see and why!

More information regarding sessions times here:

Looking Up (Chinese)

25 July 2019 9:00am1 August 2019 9:00am
In the vast space, the astronauts lost connection with the ground. He recalled his greatest father in the most desperate situation. Father and son run across time, guarding love and family. The story is full of joy, warmth, tears and wonders.

Trautmann (German)

25 July 2019 9:00am31 July 2019 9:00am
Based on an incredible true story, Bert Trautmann joined the Wehrmacht as a paratrooper at the age of 17. After receiving five medals for the bravery he was captured by the British towards the end of the War, arriving in north-west England as a prisoner. During this time, a local football manager noticed Bert’s exceptional talent as a soccer goalkeeper. His subsequent signing by Man City brought passionate protests from the people of Manchester, a city that had been severely bombed in the War. However, against all odds, he won over even his harshest critics during the FA Cup Final for Manchester City in 1956. After an on-field accident, Bert broke his neck… and continued playing to secure victory.

Who You Think I Am (French)

25 July 2019 1:30pm28 July 2019 4:00pm
IML has 10 double passes to giveaway to advance screenings of the delicious new French thriller WHO YOU THINK I AM (Celle que vous croyez), valid July 26-28 at Palace Barracks & James St cinemas.

Academy Award-winner Juliette Binoche is phenomenal in the lead role, playing a divorced mother whose life is upended after she becomes entangled in a dangerous online relationship.

View the trailer:

To enter, simply email and state in 25 words or less why you want to see the film. Winners will be notified directly on Monday 22nd July. Good luck / Bonne chance!

Mia and the White Lion (French | English)

8 August 2019 9:00am15 August 2019 9:00am
A young girl from London moves to Africa with her parents where she befriends a lion cub.

Bulbul Can Sing (Hindi | Assamese)

9 August 2019 9:00am15 August 2019 9:00am
Bulbul, Bonny and Suman live an idyllic life, playing in the rain, climbing trees and swimming in the river. On the cusp of puberty, the inseparable trio goes through their schooling days as a unit, discovering love, sexual awakenings and rebellion together. When a group of villagers discovers the teens engaged in acts that outrage their moral modesty, the trio’s friendship is put to the test through violent punishment and tragedy.

Howl's Moving Castle (Japanese)

11 July 2019 9:00am14 July 2019 11:00pm
Sophie, an average teenage girl working in a hat shop, finds her life thrown into turmoil when she is literally swept off her feet by a handsome but mysterious wizard named Howl. But after this chance meeting, the young girl is turned into a 90-year old woman by the vain, conniving Witch of the Waste. Embarking on an incredible adventure to lift the curse, she finds refuge in Howl’s magical moving castle.

The Third Wife (Vietnamese)

4 July 2019 9:00am
In 19th-century rural Vietnam, 14-year-old May becomes the third wife of wealthy landowner Hung. Soon, she learns that she can only gain status by asserting herself as a woman who can give birth to a male child. May’s hope to change her status turns into a real and tantalizing possibility when she gets pregnant. Faced with forbidden love and its devastating consequences, May finally comes to an understanding of the brutal truth: the options available to her are few and far between.

Baaji (Urdu)

28 June 2019 9:00am4 July 2019 9:00am
Baaji is a thrilling and dramatic tale set against the background of a fading Lollywood and the emergence of a new order in Pakistani cinema. The story focuses on a fading star, Shameera, who yearns to make a comeback and her relationship with a young girl, Neha, from inner-city Lahore, who has big dreams of her own. The story takes a turn when a Pakistani American director who has just completed his maiden venture in Hollywood comes to Lahore to be a part of the revival of the local film industry. Searching for a classic face, he chooses Shameera for the film. And so begins a high voltage story of desire, ambition, and betrayal. Baaji takes the audiences on a journey filled with glamour, romance, scandal, and intrigue. The film also pays tribute to the classic social dramas of Pakistani cinema of the 1960s and the 1970s, while also finding inspiration from the golden era of Hollywood of the 1940s and 1950s.

Better Days (Mandarin)

27 June 2019 9:00am4 July 2019 9:00am
The two teenagers find a kindred spirit in each other that gradually rises above love, forming a world of their own. But the cocoon is crushed when they are being dragged into a teenage girl murder case as prime suspects. An emotional roller coaster that is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, the China coming-of-age movie offers thought-provoking insights into the intense competition faced by nearly 10 million teenagers every year who sit for the National College Entrance Examination and national issues of school bullying. If you are one amongst 10 million to secure a promising future with a topnotch college passport, would you kill to do it?

Tzamaika (Greek with English subtitles)

23 June 2019 9:00am11:30pm
Jamaica is the story of two brothers Akis and Timos, who were very close as youths but become estranged as adults. It is a moving, tender, optimistic and funny film about the sweeping power of life and the brotherly love that surpasses all the misunderstandings of the past (The movie has English subtitles).

Sindhubaadh (Tamil)

21 June 2019 9:00am27 June 2019 9:00am
Sindhubaadh is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language action thriller film written and directed by S. U. Arun Kumar which is produced by S. N. Rajarajan and Shan Sutharsan under the production banners Vansan Movies and K Productions. The film stars Vijay Sethupathi and Anjali the lead roles.

Paradise (Persian)

21 June 2019 9:00am4 July 2019 9:00am
Two young theology students are going to participate in an academic seminar about religions in Germany. Haj Agha Ferasati, a mullah and the head of the seminary, prevents them from traveling. They finally convince Haj Agha and get him a visa.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky (Japanese with English subtitles)

20 June 2019 9:45am23 June 2019 11:45pm
A young girl with a mysterious crystal pendant who falls out of the sky and into the arms and life of young Pazu. Together they search for a floating island, the site of a long-dead civilization promising enormous wealth and power to those who can unlock its secrets. But greedy pirates, spies, and the army are also all in hot pursuit! As one of Studio Ghibli’s earliest films and the first to be released officially under the studio’s banner, "Castle in the Sky" quickly established the studio’s reputation for strong heroines, unforgettable storytelling and beautiful artwork. 

Shadaa (Punjabi)

20 June 2019 9:00am11 July 2019 9:00am
Amidst pressures from his parents to hurry up and wed, a young man seeks his perfect match. After many failed attempts with matchmakers, his parents are delighted when their son finally meets the woman of his dreams but things do not go as planned.

DanMachi: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Arrow of the Orion (Japanese)

13 June 2019 9:00am20 June 2019 9:00am
Far from Orario, in the ruins of an ancient city, a new threat arises. The goddess Artemis is searching for a champion to counter this threat, but it's not one of the usual contenders that she chooses... it's Bell Cranel, a newbie adventurer partnered with a low-tier goddess.

Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch (Cantonese | Mandarin)

13 June 2019 9:00am27 June 2019 9:00am
Based on real-life crimes that terrorized Hong Kong in the 1990s, Logan (Tony Leung Ka Fai) is the head of leading a notorious human trafficking gang, abducting the children of Hong Kong's elite. Police forces decide to send in Sky (Louis Koo), a Hong Kong undercover agent whose mission is to infiltrate and save the hostages, all while bringing the gang and their leader to justice in this action-packed thriller.

Bharat (Hindi)

5 June 2019 9:00am27 June 2019 9:00am
Bharat' is a journey of a man and a nation together. At the cusp of India's birth as an Independent nation, a family makes an arduous journey to freedom. However, this freedom comes at a cost. An 8 year old boy, Bharat, makes a promise to his father that he will keep his family together no matter what a promise that he keeps over the next 60 years of his life, despite each decade throwing a new set of challenges at him some humorous, some thrilling, some romantic while some life-threatening. His resilience, loyalty and a never dying spirit mirrors the fundamental qualities of our nation Bharat. Interestingly, the movie is an official adaptation of Korean film 'An Ode to My Father (2014) which depicted modern Korean history from the 1950s to the present day through the life of an ordinary man.

Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion (French)

30 May 2019 9:00am11 July 2019 9:00am
On the 60th anniversary of the much-adored comic book series, Asterix and Obelix embark on a quest across Gaul looking for a young druid worthy of learning the secret of the magic potion – a formula which has long helped to keep the Gaulish village safe against Julius Cesar and his invading army. However, once Asterix and Obelix begin their quest, all hell breaks loose at home as the Romans start attacking the village, and an evil wizard named Sulfurix does everything he can to steal the potion's secret recipe

Spirited Away (Japanese with English subtitles)

9 May 2019 9:00am7 July 2019 11:00pm
In this animated feature by noted Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, 10-year-old Chihiro and her parents stumble upon a seemingly abandoned amusement park. After her mother and father are turned into giant pigs, Chihiro meets the mysterious Haku, who explains that the park is a resort for supernatural beings who need a break from their time spent in the earthly realm and that she must work there to free herself and her parents.