Students enrolled in IML language classes automatically have borrowing rights at the IML Library, located on Level 1, Joyce Ackroyd Building (Building 37), Blair Drive, at The University of Queensland, St Lucia. The Library does not loan out the course textbooks to students but you can borrow other resources, such as easy readers, magazines, novels in several languages and films from around the world.

To register for the library, search the catalogue, view borrowing rules and view or renew your current loans, please visit the IML Library website.


IML Library Website

Contact details

Contact the IML Library on 07 3346 8210 or email

Opening hours

During semester Monday to Thursday: 9am-7pm
Friday: 9am-5pm
Other times 9am-5pm

Central Library

All students are welcome to browse the Central Library, located in the Duhig North (Building #12). You can join as a community member for $25 per year and have access to the amazing resources available there. For enquiries, phone 07 3346 4312 or find out about borrowing rules and reciprocal borrowing.