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Tue 7-9pm AEST 26/07 - 11/10/2022 (IML Calendar)20 hours (10 x 2-hour sessions)Video conferencing (Zoom)Course fee: $380 (only $19/hour)

About French Level 4B

Bonjour Australia! 

This course is suited for French studies at intermediate level. Ready to expand your repertoire in the French language? Looking for a French course to improve your fluency? Your French lessons taught by qualified tutors and conducted via  Zoom video conferencing will help you communicate in increasingly diverse and complex French language structures. This course covers only Course Outline Part B.

About IML French Level 4B

Previous knowledge required: IML French Level 4A or equivalent. 

Course level (CEFR): A2-B1. See the IML Self-Assessment CEFR Level Guide for further information.

Course focus: speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

Course content: See the Course (PDF) content or topics, language functions and structures taught in IML French Level 4B classes.

Certification: An IML Statement of Attendance is available upon request for students who have attended at least 75% of the course.

Future study options: IML French Level 5A+B.

Textbook: Recommended Only - Chahi, Fatiha et al. Defi 2 / A2 Textbook English ed & Workbook. Maison des Langues. (ISBN: 9788416657469 and  9788417249663)

The textbook can also be purchased  with an e-access code: .  The  e-book can be purchased at the following link:

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