Semester Two Level B courses (July - October)

Don't lose your language skills

Don't lose your language skills

Have you completed language classes before? Have you been studying a language via a mobile application? Would you like a qualified tutor to guide you through the learning process? IML offers Level B courses for students like you.

Our interactive, affordable classes take place at the UQ St Lucia campus. Enrolments for Level B courses open only in Semester 2. Take your skills to the next level - enrol now!

For students with previous knowledge

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Some of the benefits of completing a language course at IML-UQ include:

  • Increase your professional skill set
  • Stay connected with the UQ community and alumni
  • Understand your cultural and language heritage
  • Learn language survival skills for travel and exchanges
  • Gain credit towards your UQ Employability Award
  • Free optional assessment available for level courses

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If you have any questions about UQ-IML language courses, please contact our friendly Student Services Team.


Telephone: (07) 3346 8200


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