French Level 7A

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You have advanced knowledge of the French language and feel confident communicating in French across a wide range of situations? This language course will extend linguistic competency and accuracy. Engaging lessons will give you the opportunity to focus on specific skills in order to develop a greater mastery of the French language. This course only covers Part A.

About IML French Level 7A

Previous knowledge required: IML French Level 6A+B or equivalent. 

Course level (CEFR): B1-B2. See the IML Self-Assessment CEFR Level Guide for further information.

Course focus: speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

Course content: See the Course content (PDF) for topics, language functions and structures taught in IML French Level 7A classes.

Certification: An IML Statement of Attendance is available upon request for students who have attended at least 75% of the course.

Future study options: IML French Level 7B.

Textbook: Coming soon.

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French 7A

1 March 2022 6:00pm
Course details for 2022 will be confirmed in late 2021. Please check back later.