Annyeonghaseyo Brisbane!

Ready to continue your Korean learning? In the lessons of this Korean course you will practise more conversation, reading and writing, and learn more about the Korean-speaking world. Qualified tutors and interactive Korean classes will guide you as you progress on your journey of Korean study.

Course outline

See our Korean Level 2 course outline (PDF).

Course textbook

Sogang University. New Sogang Korean 1B Student's Book + CD and New Sogang Korean 1B Workbook + CD. Hawoo. Available only as a pack.   ISBN: 2770000088329

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Korean 2A+B, Year, Tue 7-9pm

10 March 2020 7:00pm20 October 2020 9:00pm

Korean 2A+B, Semester 2, Mon 6.30-9pm

27 July 2020 6:30pm7 December 2020 9:00pm