Spanish Survival

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Learn Spanish with experienced and passionate tutors in  interactive online classes, via Zoom video conferencing software. This communicative course is designed for learners who want to study Spanish survival skills for everyday use. In five lessons, acquire basic conversational skills to be confident to deal with everyday situations when in a Spanish-speaking environment.

About IML Spanish Survival

Previous knowledge required: none. This course is suitable for absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of Spanish. 

Course focus: conversation (speaking skills).

Course content: See the Course content (PDF) for topics, language functions and structures taught in the IML Spanish Survival Course.

Certification: IML Statement of Attendance is available upon request for students who have attended at least 75% of the course.

Future study options: IML Spanish Level 1A+B.

Textbook: Learning resources supplied by IML.

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Spanish Survival, Winter (online), Mon 6-8pm AEST

17 June 2024 6:00pm15 July 2024 8:00pm
Enrol now- early bird fee until 27 May

Spanish Survival, Summer, (online) Tue 7-9pm AEST

16 January 2024 7:00pm13 February 2024 9:00pm
Enrol now- enrolments close soon

Spanish Survival, Summer, (UQ Campus) Tue 6-8pm AEST

16 January 2024 6:00pm13 February 2024 8:00pm
Enrolments closed.

Spanish Survival, Winter (online), Tue 6-8pm AEST

20 June 2023 6:00pm18 July 2023 8:00pm
Enrolments closed

Spanish Survival, Summer, (online) Tue 7-9pm AEST

17 January 2023 7:00pm14 February 2023 9:00pm
Enrolments closed.

Spanish Survival, Summer, (UQ campus) Tue 6-8pm AEST

17 January 2023 6:00pm14 February 2023 8:00pm
Enrolments closed.

Spanish Survival, Winter (Online), Tue 6-8pm AEST

21 June 2022 6:00pm19 July 2022 8:00pm
Enrolments now closed