Winter Survival Courses

10 hours (online or on-campus)

June - July 2023

Interpersonal connections

Language connects us and binds us to each other. For many people, learning to speak the language of their ancestors allows them to feel connected to their past. For those with partners or friends from other cultures, learning their native tongue can be an act of love. And for others still, learning a new language allows them to make connections they never could have before. 

This winter, IML is offering short beginner courses in 10 languages from across the globe, so you can really start to speak their language. 

Classes are available online. We keep class sizes small to maximise one-on-one teaching time. IML tutors are highly qualified native speakers or have native like proficiency and are passionate about their culture and language. All winter classes are built for total beginners with no prior knowledge required. 

Duration: 6 weeks
Weekly commitment: 2 hours
Total commitment: 12 hours
Fee: $220 (Early bird fee $199)
Delivery: Online (Zoom) or on-campus

Select a language below to get started!