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New to Italian study? This course is your ticket to learning real Italian! In lessons of this Italian course you will practise everyday conversation, reading and writing. Learn about the Italian-speaking world! Interactive Italian classes and qualified tutors will help you master the basics and prepare for further Italian study.

Course outline

See our Italian Level 1 course outline (PDF).

Course textbook

Bultrini, P. & Graziani, F. New Italian Espresso - Beginner and Pre-intermediate Textbook + DVD. Alma Edizioni. (Units 1-5). (ISBN: 9788861823549)

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Italian 1A+B, Summer Intensive, Mon & Thu 6-9pm

13 January 2020 6:00pm27 February 2020 9:00pm

Italian 1A+B, Semester 1 Only, Tue 6.30-9pm

4 February 2020 6:30pm9 June 2020 9:00pm

Italian 1A+B, Year, Mon 7-9pm

9 March 2020 7:00pm26 October 2020 9:00pm

Italian 1A+B, Year, Tue 10am-12pm

10 March 2020 10:00am20 October 2020 12:00pm

Italian 1A+B, Semester 2 Only, Tue 6.30-9pm

28 July 2020 6:30pm1 December 2020 9:00pm