Semester Two courses

24 - 46 hours (online or face-to-face)

July - October/December 2021

78 courses in 24 languages

Get ready for your next adventure with a UQ IML online or face-to-face language course (from only $12 per hour). When international borders are open again, where will you go? Be it for business or leisure, IML offers interactive classes that will help you enjoy your travel experience. 

We are now taking enrolments for:

  • Semester 2 "B" courses - 11 x 2-hr classes (total: 22 hours) once a week, between July and October;
  • Semester 2 "A+B" courses - 18 x 2.5-hr classes (total: 45 hours) once a week, between July and December; and
  • Semester 2 "A+B" Accelerated courses - 24 x 2-hr classes (total: 46 hours) twice a week, between July and October.

Get in quick to receive the early bird discount (available until 11:59pm on Monday 5th July 2021).