IML Semester Two courses

24 - 46 hours (online or on campus)

July - October/December 2021

78 courses in 25 languages

Satisfy your curiosity of other languages with a UQ IML Semester Two course. Our online and face-to-face language classes start from only $12 per hour (early bird fee). Be it for business or leisure, IML offers interactive classes that will help you enjoy your language learning journey.

We are now taking enrolments for:

  • Semester 2 "B" courses - 11 x 2-hr classes (total: 22 hours) once a week, between July and October;
  • Semester 2 "A+B" courses - 18 x 2.5-hr classes (total: 45 hours) once a week, between July and December; and
  • Semester 2 "A+B" Accelerated courses - 24 x 2-hr classes (total: 46 hours) twice a week, between July and October.

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