IML Semester Two Courses

20 - 42 hours (online or on-campus)

July - November 2023

Adventure Awaits!

Did you ever think about how much easier it would be to travel when you know a few words in a language of a country you plan on visiting?

Start your next adventure by learning a new language at IML this coming semester. We can help you start your journey before you even leave the country.

To gain a deeper understanding of a country's culture, one must learn the language its people speak. Whether it is for travel, or to study or work, learning the language of the people in your destination country can make your experience infinitely more profound.

We invite you to explore our semester two course options and to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.
We are now taking enrolments for:

  • Semester 2 "A" courses 
  • Semester 2 "B" courses
  • Semester 2 "A+B" Intensive courses 
  • Semester 2 "A+B" Accelerated courses 

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